Saturday, April 28, 2012

First visitor to New-Humans, Incorporeal

Talk about the information explosion of Omniscient GPS taking off, within a very few minutes of pinging the blog article just  posted below, I received my very first bona-fide visitor—Research in Motion.

Aren’t they a leader in GPS tech?

So the information that I conveyed from my mind though my keyboard to my server to my ISP’s server then broadcast in a cloud of electrons protons and photons (0's and 1's) radiating from the earth mostly as lost entropy but some were captured by traps baited with keywords.

First visitor to New-Humans
Research in Motion
November 29, 2011

19:09:38 24 Nov 2011 to 18:11:44 29 November, 2011  narrow range

Research In Motion ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits
United States FlagUnited States    

(No referring link)
29 Nov

So, I am taking this as a good omen for the future of New-Humans, Incorporeal.  Thank you R.I.M!

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