Saturday, April 28, 2012

Biological Monitoring Systems

If we assume that Ray Kurzweil is right and that humanity is on the verge of dramatic increases in longevity, then this could be a press release that zaps to you in the future.

New-Humans Lunar Base
March 4, 2024

New-Humans, Incorporeal Announces MonitorlBotSys™

New-Humans, Incorporeal is proud to announce the availability of MonitorlBotSys™, a new patented, ultra-nano scale, self-replicating robot system that we believe will change nearly everything about healthcare diagnositics.  Imagine absolutely complete monitoring and and near-instaneous reporting of every crtiical system in the human body.  Only one small injection is needed for comprehensive, worldwide, coverage.  From then on you and your HealthMaster will have up to the nanosecond data feeds including:

· continuous EEG
· blood temperature and circulation rate
· breath taken and exhaled (rate and gas composition)
· heartbeat—multiple parameters
· every eye blink (permanent sight record is available)
· every swallow (with toxic chemical alerts)
· every calorie ingested and burned (warning for excess intake is standard)

If any of your parameters fall into the warning zone, you will be transported to your designated healing spot.

Several comprehensive data output and processing plans are available, contact your longevity service to determine if you qualify.   We at New-Humans continue to beta test advanced monitoring and reporting systems at the cellular level to followed by the first new generation of repair nanobot technology.  The future possiblities are timeless.

Note the  MonitorlBotSys™ is only available to New-Humans Special Members and that this membership is currently only accepting applications referred by current Members.  

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For anyone seriously interested in longevity, you are welcome to visit me next door at Big Toe Buddha.

Here are a few of Ray Kurzweil’s books and videos.  You can purchase them here directly from Amazon.

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